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The Black Watch Fanzine

The Black Watch #5

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The Black Watch #5 will be on sale at the Crystal Palace game and can be ordered online here. 40 pages, full colour, and ad-free. Order Issues 4 and 5 together and receive a discount.


* Trapped in the Tower
* The curious case of Oumar Niasse
* Bureks, Bullet Holes and Bungling: 48 Hours in Sarajevo
* Everton's Double Internationals
* The Matthews Final - it should have been us
* From Parks to Panini Stars: How Woking Made Goodison their Home
* False Dawns
* Samuel Allardyce's Newspeak
* I thought you cared, my love, but I realise you've been taking me for a ride
* 'In time, you'll dislike him less': a West Ham fan gives his view on Allardyce
* Everton in - and for - the Community
* 'The Lost Season: Everton Football Club'