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This is a digital subscription to The Black Watch - not the printed version. You can subscribe to the print version here:

Printed subscriptions will work as follows:

At 9.30am (UK time) on the morning of the day when the fanzine first goes on sale, you will receive an email with a link to the latest edition of the mag. Through this link, you can either read the mag online (through a web browser) or download a PDF version to read at your leisure.

PDFs will open on Windows, Mac and Android devices (and no doubt other makes that I'm unaware of). Once downloaded, the PDF version is yours to keep, even if you cancel your subscription at a later date.

It is important that you use your primary email address when completing this order, as the email address you use is where your order will be sent unless stated.

You will be asked for your postal address at checkout. This won't be used or divulged - this is simply because our shop portal won't allow us to remove it.

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Print Subscriptions (From £12)
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