The Black Watch #24


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- Former Everton player Mark Leonard tells us about the unique circumstances of his move to Everton and what happened next
- Mick Upfield recalls Everton's pre-season tour of Marbella in 1980
- Everton, music and memories: An Evertonian life in five songs by Paul Dempsey
- A Stakeout in The Bronx - Lampard, Inchy and redemption by Stuart Durkin
- Rob Sawyer introduces us to Harry Finnis, one of 89 players to make only one peace time first-team appearance
- Childhood interviews with Barry Horne, Brett Angell, Neville Southall and Jimmy Gabriel by Jamie Yates
- Celtic fan Niall Bree tells us about his trip to Goodison in 1995 and chance meetings with Daniel Amokachi
- The diary of a grassroots football coach under Covid rules
- The importance of being 9 by Jim Keoghan
- Dan Cummerson on being locked out of Goodison
- Paul Wenham writes about his struggles to persuade his children to become Evertonians
- The end of term report by Toffee Dan
- The next instalment of Phil Pellow's irreverent history of Everton: The Toffee Papers
- Gary Donnelly delves into the archives to tell us how Everton tried (and thankfully failed) to throw away the title in 1938/39