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The Black Watch Fanzine

The Black Watch #7


Image of The Black Watch #7

Issue 7 of the The Black Watch, out for the derby on 7th April with fantastic artwork by @ThomasBradshaw. Contents:

- Home & Away round-up
- The Kopite's Alphabet
- The Secret Diary of Cenk
- Antwerp 1979
- What happened to the Merseyside derby?
- Tales from (USM) Finch Farm
- The Beatles imagined by Evertonians
- A pint with a legend
- I Wandered O'Er As a Blue
- 'Don't worry Jim it's only a movie' - EFC vs. Liverpool 1967
- The heir to Dixie's throne
- Hanging Out on Hope Street
- The Goodison Zip-Wire
- I'll wear the tinfoil hat, you provide the space rays - conspiracy theories abound