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The Black Watch #9


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Issue 9 of The Black Watch, and the first edition of the 2018/19 season, released at the Southampton home game on 18th August.

Boss front cover by @ThomasBradshaw.


- Home & Away
- The Executioner's Bong on Marco Silva
- Osmo Tapio Everton Räihälä interview
- The Blue Liver Buildings
- Mystic Meff
- 13 Reasons Why
- Groundhog Day for Herr Klopp
- The inexorable death of domestic football
- Pre-season: Portugal, France, Chester
- Shit Summer Sightings
- Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night: Football and Family
- Evertonian Adventures Cartoon
- Watching the World Cup in Croatia
- My Imagined Football Life
- One Day in August '88
- The Secret Non-Footballer
- A Walk on Dinamo's Pitch
- The Pending Pickford Call